Lucia Leandro Gimeno

An image of a fat Afro-Latinx femme trans person, wearing a blue shirt punctuated by stars, purple and blue sky shot through with white beams of light, cupping their face with one hand with an "oh, SHIT!" expression. Art by V Tobar of @imagined_spacescapes Lucia Leandro Gimeno was an Afro-Latinx, gender non-conforming femme, counselor/bruja/ organizer. Born and raised by loud mouth working class dykes in Boston, he was taught that love is most definitely a verb. For nearly 20 years they organized with queer, trans and gnc communities of color in NYC (The Audre Lorde Project & FIERCE!). LL was the Director of The Queer & Trans People Of Color Birthwerq Project, an organization dedicated to mending the disconnect between Trans and Reproductive Justice through birthwerqer trainings and community organizing. An expert chilaquiles maker, fashion queen and movement builder, some people say you can even hear his laugh from a mile away. He died on April 19, 2021 after a long battle with kidney failure, and is beloved by a huge community of QTBIPOC from Brooklyn to Seattle, and beyond.